The truth about eyelash extensions


Let’s face it…not everyone is born with naturally long, dark and thick lashes, for those people, eyelash extensions are the solution!



What are Eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a synthetic, semi permanent lash that are applied individually to a real eyelash. Some eyelash extensions, can be made of silk or mink, to create a softer look. At ‘be your own kind of beautiful’ we prefer synthetic lashes, as they hold their shape, without bending or distorting.

Eyelash extensions are black, waterproof, natural looking and should be weightless! They are perfect for swimming, exercising, people that wear contact lenses or glasses, people that have allergies to mascara and of course people that do not want to stand in front of the mirror for hours every morning applying their makeup.

Are they suitable for everyone?

Even though the above information IS true, eyelash extensions are unfortunately not for everyone. The lash extensions are applied to existing lashes, which means that people who do not have existing lashes, such as chemo patients or those with alopecia, will not be able to get this treatment. Proper eyelash growth is necessary in order to be eligible eyelash extensions.

Then there is people that have lashes and are eligible for treatment, but have had an allergic reaction to eyelash extensions.

Allergic reactions and irritations are RARE, however can happen, and it is important for clients to know why and what to do if one occurs.

There are a few reasons as to why someone may be experiencing irritation or an allergic reaction;

-Allergic reaction to glue (usually from the main ingredient: Cyanoacrylate)
Cyanoacrylate allergies can develop at any time. They can start after years of use, after one use or after a few uses. Generally they manifest as a red, swollen, itchy lash line. It is important for these people to have their lash extensions removed immediately, enabling their eyes to calm down. Seeking medical advice if symptoms continue.
-Glue fume irritation
Sometimes it may not be the actual glue itself but the fumes that can irritate eyes. If a person has sensitive eyes to begin with, and they do not properly closed the eyes during the treatment, the fumes from the glue can come in contact with the eye itself and cause redness, soreness and the eye to water. The glue used, takes only 10 seconds to dry, so if this happens, the eyes should be flushed with cold water and usually return to normal in a matter of hours.
-Seasonal allergy irritation
Some people who suffer from seasonal allergies (hay fever sufferers) find that they have to remove their lash extensions for about two months out of the year when the pollen count is at it’s highest. It is important for these people to have an anti-histamine if this irritation occurs.
-Eyelid irritation
If the synthetic lashes come into contact with the skin they can cause irritation to the eyelid. If the eyelashes are applied correctly (1mm away from the base of the lash/skin) this should not happen, although sometimes, if a person rubs their eyes in their sleep, this can cause a lash to come into contact with the skin. That is why this reaction (swelling and tenderness of the eyelid) is most commonly seen in the morning after waking. 
-Contact dermatitis or rosacea
Sometimes clients who suffer from dermatitis, psoriasis or rosacea can get a reaction from eyelash extensions. Usually triggering inflammation of the eyelid or eye area. These people, should have their lash extensions professionally removed before applying cortisone or the equivalent topical lotion (after seeking medical advice).
The above reactions/irritations are rare, however it is important for clients to have knowledge of how the treatment is performed and the possibilities that could arise, after having eyelash extensions. The above reactions, are usually only temporary, with minimal treatment required.

How long should eyelash extensions last?

Overall lashes should last between 3-6 weeks. For those that like full looking lashes, it is recommended that lash extensions are applied every 2 weeks.

It is important that clients do NOT pull off their lash extensions, as this will lead to loss of their real lash, resulting in gaps and thin, sparse looking eyelashes. If a client wishes their lashes to come off, they should be professional soaked off, or left alone until they fall out with the end of the natural lash life cycle.


‘Be your own kind of beautiful’ provides quality, professionalism and high standards with eyelash extensions. Each client is educated before the treatment is performed and they will be given both a lash brush and aftercare advice to take home with them, enabling them to properly maintain their lashes.


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